Licence FAQ

Licence FAQ

How do I create a licence?

The Basket area will prompt you to create a licence with a set of licensing options . Using these you can select category (e.g. broadcasting ), specific use (e.g. cover), picture size or region.

Do I need a licence for every photo?

Yes, each image needs its own licence. You can pre-set a license if you need the same rights frequently.  Underneath the licence options box  you will see star sign and the option to set this as the default licence. Click apply to all and the default license will populate all images.The default license can be changed by clicking on the Change button under the License details and the star button being re-clicked.

How do I confirm usage?

To complete your licence you will be asked to confirm the specific usage details (e.g. ISBN, title etc.) at the point of purchase. This information should be entered in the Project Title box in the shopping basket page.

How do I collect my purchased photos?

Photos can be collected in two ways. Once your payment has been confirmed, your order will be available as a Zip file. Alternatively go to your User Details , all purchases will be available under ‘Orders.’

How To Pay

What are the available payment methods?

When you first register with the site your account profile will allow payment by credit card. Cards currently accepted by the BBC Photos site are: Visa Credit, Visa Debit, Mastercard, Visa Electron, UK Maestro, JCB and V Pay. We cannot accept payment by American Express. Regular users of the site may request invoice account status.

How do I become a BBC account customer?

Existing account customers will be contacted by BBC Photo Library and asked if they wish to be set up as account customers on the site. If you are not an existing account customer, you should follow the registration process where you will be set up as a credit card customer. You can then make a request to become an account customer.

Will I have to pay VAT?

UK customers will have to pay VAT and will be asked to include their VAT number  as part of registration.
All non-UK customers will not have to pay VAT


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