General FAQ

General FAQ

I am searching for a BBC image but it's not on the site, what should I do?

The sales site includes a full range of BBC copyright images available for licensing which reflect BBC programme output and operations along with key staff and talent. We are continuing to add both current and archive images to the site. A small number of images have been omitted from the site due to additional restrictions on use but these may be available on request. You should contact the BBC Photos team using the ‘Contact Us’ details on the site.


Why can't I find images from independent productions on the site?

The BBC does not hold rights to images from programmes made by independent production companies or from acquired programmes so they are not available for licensing on the site. You should contact the relevant production company to discuss licensing images.


What if I can’t find the photos I require?

Please e-mail the Photo Library at with your request.


Is there any other way I can purchase BBC Photos?

No. The only means of purchasing BBC Photos is through this service.


How do I pay?

BBC Account customers will be invoiced by the BBC. Other customers will pay by credit card.


Are any additional clearances necessary after purchase?

Our licences exclude any underlying 3rd party rights and models permissions which you will have to obtain from the relevant parties or their representatives prior to use.


What are the BBC's terms & conditions?

The terms & conditions set out the conditions attached to reusing BBC Photos. You must read and accept the BBC’s terms & conditions in full before using this service.


What are the restrictions on using BBC Photos?

BBC Photos are only available for editorial use, to illustrate and support text which relates to the content of the photo or to the BBC. BBC Photos cannot be used to advertise or appear to endorse or promote any commercial activity.


Who can purchase BBC Photos?

BBC Photos are only available for license on a commercial basis. Members of the public cannot purchase photos for personal use.


 How can I use BBC photos?

Any use of BBC Photos must comply with the BBC’s terms & conditions and the licence granted at the point of purchase.


How do I buy a photo?

You can buy photos by adding them to your shopping basket. When you select a photo for purchase you will be asked to complete the Licensing Options screen. This will allow you to create the licence for your planned use of the photo.


How much will a photo cost?

The price of the photo depends on the usage specified by you when creating the license.


How do I make a payment?

When you have completed your selection and created the licence or licences for the photos, you will be shown the total cost in your shopping basket. You will also be asked to confirm the usage details for the photos. If you decide to proceed with the purchase you will be taken to the credit card payment system, provided and secured by Barclaycard. If you are a BBC Account Customer your company will be invoiced.


Can I download preview photos?

Yes. Once registered with the service watermarked preview photos are available for download for reference purposes only.


How do I download a preview photo?

This can be done by hovering over the image and clicking on the Download this Asset icon. A pop up box will appear and you will be prompted to download the low res watermarked file.Preview photos can also be downloaded through the Lightbox. Clicking on the menu icon in the lightbox and then Download Lightbox will prompt you to download low res versions of all images in the Lightbox.


Your download will start shortly, please do not navigate away from this page until the download prompt has appeared. Doing so may cause your download to be interrupted.